for Bemidji State University Student Senate Vice President


Carbon Footprint:

Bemidji State University is a green college and has made a commitment to be carbon neutral by the year 2050. Decreasing our dependency on fossil fuels and continuing to switch over to renewable energy sources is a very important goal I will actively work towards.


It is my plan to make any information about what the Bemidji State University Student Senate is doing to be easily available for every student through Beaverlink

Keep Tuition Low:

Advocacy on the state and federal levels of government to help get tuition frozen is extremely important. I will fight against any proposed increases in fees or tuition to ensure that the price of higher education does not increase for students.


Students have raised the issue of parking on campus. I am in favor of trying to get more parking space available on campus, and more affordable parking passes for the current parking lots.

Ride Share Program:

Making sure students can safely get to where they need to go is very important to me. A number of our students, including our international students, do not own or have access to a vehicle. Implementing a ride share program on our campus will help those disenfranchised students secure safe transportation.

Students United:

I am committed to working closely with our Students United campus committee and the other six state colleges within Minnesota to make sure that Bemidji State University’s voices are heard.

ADA Accessibility:

Right now the University cannot renovate the tunnels on campus because we were grandfathered into the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If we were to want to renovate part of our tunnel system, we would have to renovate all of the tunnels to become compliant with the ADA. We currently do not have the funds to complete that task. I am in favor of looking away from underground and look to the skies. Starting a fund to build sky-ways is an option to help create more ADA accessibility without having to renovate our tunnels. The University would be able to build them in sections between buildings and would not be required to build them all at once. This is a long term option for BSU to increase accessibility without disrupting the tunnels.

Student Involvement:

Thanks to the efforts of current President Conner Newby and his committee, Student Senate created the Beaver Points system last year in an attempt to increase student involvement. I would like to expand on Beaver Points and to increase knowledge about the program to more students.

Textbook Affordability:

The BSU Bookstore is currently trying to implement a system called “IncludED.” IncludED would have the bookstore work closely with textbook publishers to make sure that every students can get their textbooks on the first day of classes and at a cheaper cost to the student. I will work closely with the bookstore in helping get this program implemented.

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